Welcome beautiful 
I’m Callie Maggiori. A sound therapist, kundalini yoga teacher and women’s empowerment leader.
I help you 
Dissolve subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs. 
Calm your nervous system.
Diffuse emotionally charged triggers.  
Feel revitalized and electrified. 
Attune yourself to a higher frequency.
Magnetic soul
Has the stress of the last few years diminished your energy, radiance, vitality and focus?
Are you feeling energetically blocked, stuck, or overwhelmed and it’s preventing
you from leveling up and fully stepping into your power and success?
Sound Therapy can help!

Biofield Tuning is a vibrational sound therapy which offers us a chance to let go of old patterns and traumas. It helps us charge the battery and energetically bring ourselves back online.  

In our session, I use sound and vibration to help you to go from tired and stressed to feeling clear, focused, energized and electrified. We calm the nervous system and reduce emotionally charged triggers.

Great for entrepreneurs, parents and your everyday human just trying to feel revitalized!



Each circle is uniquely crafted for women to experience high frequency upgrades of physical, emotional and energetic states of being. Join the magic and connect with other women on the path.

Summer Solstice 
Saturday June, 22nd
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Welcome to the summer of the Goddess.
We’ll be using this high energy to heal, initiative and activate ourselves. We’ll open the Golden Temple to learn how to channel and direct energy. This will set us up for high vibrational summer and we’ll be able to magnetize our desires quicker than ever before.