5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Manifestation Power

I used to ask myself, why are all these ‘bad things’ always happening to me at once?

I often found myself in the wrong relationship, job or apartment, so much so, that it became predictable. It felt like I was constantly missing out on opportunities, which made me even more frustrated. It wasn’t until years later that I realized, it was my vibration (my energy). I was sending stressed out energy into the world and attracting that back into my life, keeping me stuck in those energetic patterns. That’s because when we feel anxious, or in self-doubt, we cannot hold the vibration of success, inner peace or happiness. As we choose more positive feelings, we align with the vibrational harmony of that frequency we are offering.

What is Vibrational Frequency?

The Law of Vibration states that in the Universe energy is continuously moving, vibrating, and shifting. In other words, if these vibrations are low, they’re slow and if they’re high they’re vibrating fast. Everything in the entire Universe carries a certain frequency; every word, action and thought has a vibration, which is constantly manifesting.

What Happens when You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency?
When we have a low vibration, our manifestation power is weak and we often miss opportunities because we are not vibrating at a high enough frequency to attract them into our life. As soon as we step into a raised vibrational place or alignment, we alter our frequency and we directly affect our physical world. At this heightened frequency, better opportunities gravitate towards us and we begin to attract our ideal relationships, careers and abundance into our lives, like magnets. Once our energy (our vibration) is in alignment, we find ourselves more supported by the Universe than ever, watching our dreams unfold into realities.


You can Start Shifting Your Energy into Higher Alignment with these Five Tips.

Follow Your Highest Excitement. First, get clear on what excites you the most in life and what doesn’t. Following our highest excitement fuels us with creative energy. When we are aligned with excitement, our energy is high and so is our manifestation power. List out the things that bring you the most joy in life, the activities where you lose track of time. Then, fill your days with these activities as much as possible. When you are in harmony with the things you in enjoy, you will receive more of them.

Set Intentions. Drop into your heart center and get clear on your intentions. Our intention is the creative force behind every manifestation. Our intention imprints a vibration into the Universe draws what we want towards us. You can journal them, speak them or make a vision board. The important things is that you feel it happening for you, then relinquish your attachment the outcome and let the Universe handle the details.

Stay Away From Gossip. Every word we speak is a vibration. Our words have a powerful way of magnetizing things into our physical reality. When we get into gossipy conversations about someone, we lower their vibration and our own. Words are powerful creators, so if we are constantly speaking from a low vibration, that will create our experience. Use your words to send out positive vibes and watch as your relationships and certain situations begin to shift.

Meditate. Most of the time our mind is caught up in thoughts, emotions, and memories which can lead us into all sorts of directions. Our thoughts are instantly manifesting, so its important to bring awareness to them and clean up our thinking. Meditation calms the emotional brain, cuts through the stream of the ego mind chatter and connects you to a state of pure awareness. In this state of connected consciousness, mediation allows you to hold the vibration of peace, wholeness and happiness.

Surround Yourself with Crystals. Crystals generate, channel, clear, receive and give energy. Crystals amplify good energy and clear the body of negative energy. When you set an intention while holding a crystal you program that crystal. Programming a crystal imprints that crystal with the intention you set and amplifies it. Just surrounding yourself with crystals can alter your vibrations, so keep them handy!

When you take action to shift your energy the Universe begins to do something magical! People, opportunities and your deepest desires start to show up.