The Power of Creating Self-Love Rituals

After returning from our Hertribe Joshua Tree Retreat, I’m still buzzing off the high vibrational frequency created from a weekend of ceremony and ritual.

It was not long before we all brought out our oils, crystals, sage, pendulums and singing bowls from our bags and joined in circle. It was clear that we’d all been practicing rituals alone and with the opportunity to come together, radiant magic poured into our circle. The power of ritual was clear and we felt the frequency of love amplify as we opened a portal of love.

Ceremony and ritual were practiced by our ancestors and women sat in sacred circle. Today, our lifestyles do not always permit this and more than ever we can become separate or isolated from our tribes. Just because we cannot gather in circle ever week, does not mean we should let this energy fade away until the next time we meet.

Our job here on this planet is to love and honor ourselves. It is our sacred responsibility to connect to the sacred within, and shine our radiance on the world. It’s important to honor
ourselves daily.

Self care
is a guide to our power.



By honoring yourself with self-love rituals you can stay connected to this energy and your power. Here’s how to begin a self-love ritual:

Create an Altar. Each altar is unique to every woman and is reflection of what resonates with her. Adorn it with colorful pillows, crystals, candles, vision boards, incense, & affirmations. The objective here, is that you create a space to connect to your own divinity.

Develop a Pleasure Practice. To be in our own pleasure practice is to be in our own self-care practice and to go into the deeper knowing of ourselves. Dance naked and connect to the emotions moving through your body, honoring them and your form. Take salt baths covered in rose petals or get a massage. Do whatever you feel called to do to honor your temple.

Do a Gratitude Ritual. At your altar you can use stones or your favorite crystals. Light a candle, and pick up each of the 30 stones, one at a time, and whisper a gratitude to each stone. A gratitude practice will raise your vibrations and connect you to a deeper appreciation for your life and desires.

You can do self-love rituals, practices and dedications at any time that you are called. Turn your ritual into a practice and keep the energy flowing regularly. Self-love rituals will also help you to connect deeper in circle.

You can continue to tap into your self love on a daily basis with affirmations.

** I radiate self love ** I accept myself as a beautiful work in progress and flow through life with forgiveness and optimism **