When we are lit up, we light up the world around us!

More than ever,

women are feeling the call deep within their being to transform their lives and step into their magnetic power. Magnetism builds from doing more of what we love, projecting that into the Universe and in return gravitating everything we desire towards us.

Whether we are trying to call in more money, clients, love, passion, desire, creativity and purpose, or simply just feel better – we need to generate a certain amount of energy to do that. Our electromagnetic field needs to strengthen in order for us to level up!

Inside The Course, The Retreat and The Practice are the sacred tools for transformation and the support that will help you to take your expansion to the next level.

Our community supports all womxn from mothers, lovers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers.

About Callie
Callie Maggiori is a mother, energy healer and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Magnetize Daily, High Vibe Sisterhood and Camp MA. 

She first began her women’s leadership journey in 2015, after she decided to leave her corporate job and travel around Central America. On her journey of self-discovery, she became certified as a Wellness Coach and Energy Practitioner. Shortly after she felt an inner calling  to begin leading women’s work, she started organizing women’s circles and retreats.

In 2018 she trained as Kundalini Yoga teacher. In 2022, she became a certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner and began seeing clients for vibration and sound therapy. She blends all these modalities into crafting super unique experiences for women.

Callie is deeply devoted to cultivating high vibrational spaces of healing, activation and transformation.

Magnetize everything you desire!

The Course

This 40 day course will ignite your transformation into the most powerful and magnetic version of yourself. It integrates ancient yogic practices and women’s teachings with structure, accountability and the support for envisioning a delicious future while implementing that change!

The Retreat

Camp MA is a three-day Kundalini training & gathering where women of all walks of life come together to experience and support each other in a journey of inner transformation. It’s uniquely crafted for women to experience upgrades of physical, emotional and spiritual states of being

The Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method and a vibrational healing modality. It uses sound, vibrations and frequencies produced by tuning forks to bring coherence and balance to the entire being.