The Session

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method and a vibrational healing modality. It uses sound, vibrations and frequencies produced by tuning forks to bring coherence and balance to the entire being.

Charge up!

The Course

This 40 day course will ignite your transformation into the most powerful and magnetic version of yourself. It integrates ancient yogic practices and women’s teachings with structure, accountability and the support for envisioning a delicious future while implementing that change!

Magnetic Woman course will be open for enrollment in Fall 2023.

The Retreat

Camp MA is a three-day Kundalini training & gathering where women of all walks of life come together to experience and support each other in a journey of inner transformation. It’s uniquely crafted for women to experience upgrades of physical, emotional and spiritual states of being.

Camp MA is happening June 2024 in Oregon!

The Vibe

High Vibe Sisterhood local workshops, women’s circles and gatherings.

Each event is uniquely crafted to channel and build the energy within each woman and within the sacred container of the group.