Re-Patterning Stress With Kundalini Yoga

Years ago, I began obsessively studying the microbiome because the health of our gut and anxiety are so closely related. I was searching for answers!

Cleaning up my digestive health did improve my mood BIG TIME… and then I found Kundalini Yoga!
Too many of us have never trained our mind to stop its worrying tendencies. And that’s understandable..

Training the mind is challenging.
It takes commitment.
It takes energy.
It takes discipline.
We run the same anxious energetic patterns on a loop, feeling like we don’t have a choice. But you always have a choice. We all have the ability to shift into new vibrations.
We can choose to stay exactly where we are OR we can choose to do the deeper work, witness our energetic patterns and break habitual cycles.
Through Kundalini we can re-pattern those stress patterns. When we infuse Kundalini into our life, we heal anxiety at a deep level.


Everything becomes CLEAR.
Reflect on your life right now. What do you want clarity on? How do worries hold you back from doing what you are meant to do on this planet?