How To Build Your Tribe With Sister Circles

Maybe you’re feeling a certain stirring in your wild woman heart.

Maybe you are receiving major downloads that it is time to step into your power, to recognize your gifts and to lead. Or feeling burnt out on all the bad news circulating and looking for a way to take action?

You may already be leading in your life, or, you could be at the very initial stages of stepping into your leadership role. Either way, organizing your own sister circles in your community could be that next big step in your leadership journey.

Why should YOU lead a sister circle?

The feelings of isolation in the world are at an all time high. More than ever we are craving community and social support. I keep hearing it over and over again, this deep longing for community.

This is why I began leading sister circles and building my tribe over three years ago. I had this deep need to gather, to remember who I was as a woman and to remember The Sisterhood I once belonged to. I’ve witnessed these gatherings impact my own life and the lives of the women around me.

If you are feeling the same way, then you are tuning into the rising feminine frequency happening on the planet; a collective sisterhood awakening. The Sisterhood is in a period of being repaired from thousands of years of oppression. To reestablish The Sisterhood, we come together and sit in circle to reflect. We heal when we come together and what women dream collectively becomes real. This is our time to redefine sisterhood and why it’s a great time to organize and lead your own sister circle.

Here’s how you can build your tribe and start your own sister circle:

Step 1. Have the intention to hold this space and make it your own. Once you sent your intention, start to envision all the details. What would your gathering look like, how would you design the space, what music would you play and what rituals would you choose? Then, envision the women showing up for the circle, hold that vision in your heart and start to feel into magic of this space.

Step 2. Energetically align with your tribe. Yes, your vibe attracts your tribe. When we go through radical transformations, do the inner work and start to raise our energetic vibration; certain friends start to disappear from our life. We outgrow these lower vibrational relationships because they no longer match our frequency. When we elevate our vibe, we begin to attract the right ladies into our circle.

Step 3. Design it. Choose a theme or topic that is on your heart. You can begin each circle with a meditation, a journal and a group share around your topic. After you begin doing them regularly, it will begin to come natural for you and you will get into a flow for choosing a theme guide for each circle. If you get stuck, you can always reach out to the women in your life and ask them what they would like to talk about or learn about.

Step 4. Put out the call. Tell women about your circle, post about it or write about it. Yes, that’s right step out and be seen. This is actually harder than it sounds because we often go into this space of not wanting to share our gifts, talents and offers. Start sharing with the women in your life. And remember it’s ok if 0-5 people show up at first. Eventually, you will start to build the energy and by word of mouth more women are likely to join.

Step 5. Show up as you are. It can be intimidating at first to hold space for a group of women. We can go into those stories of, who am I to lead? It’s time to drop perfectionism because leadership has nothing to do with being perfect or knowing it all. It’s ok if you don’t know what to say at first, or what music to play; feel the fear and do it anyways! If you create the container and show up, the rest will fall into place and the magic will happen. Sometimes the key to making it happen, is to start before you feel ready.

Need help designing your first sister circle? Let’s chat.